She Sings

Original Song by Allison Lofton

She Sings

Song after song
Calluses Linger
More on her heart
Than on her fingers
And she sings…

Summer or fall
Winter or spring
These are the words
She will bring and she
She will sing…

Sing to the forest
Sway with the trees
Heart is the chorus
And soul is the breeze

And she will sing
She will cry
She will grow
She will die
And she
She will sing…


Go Home (New Original Song)

Sometimes you look over your shoulder,

And find yourself alone.

You still have to forge forward,

With or without hope.

With or without hope,

Go home,

You tried your hardest,

It’s time to go home.

When your thoughts run rapid,

Like white water crests.

Look for the sun,

Turn away from the west.

Turn away from the west,

Go home,

You tried your damned-est,

It’s time to go home.

It’s time to go home.

It’s time to go home.

It’s time to go home.


She Dances

Her dreams sail free,

while her feet stay grounded,

but she dances anyway.

Magpie Writing

Magpie Writing

Wicked Wonders by Ellen Klages is a collection of short stories. Every story has at least one word that I had never heard before. Some have as many as ten new words.

“I am a writer, and writers are magpies. Ooh! Shiny! Some of those shinies are distractions, but others are just the right size or shape for me to add to the jumble of flotsam and fragments that I am slowly building into a mental nest where I will–I hope–hatch a story. I gather scraps until that amazing moment when a few of them begin to coalesce into a pattern.” -Ellen Klages, Wicked Wonders

I’m a writer, and like Ellen Klages, I’m a magpie. Collecting all those pretty words to build a nest. Words like “coalesce” and “flotsam.”

We are told that we should write simple. I understand that. Simple is beautiful.

Big fancy words, placed together in a coherent and rhythmic sentence, can be beautiful too.

Personally, I think it depends on the piece. What feels right for that piece? Who is the intended audience? Those are the questions that must be answered before deciding on the complexity of vocabulary.

As a reader, I love finding new words. A treasure hunt for the mind.

Do you write simple? Or do you go for those unusual or big words that readers might not understand? Do you prefer to read simple or complex?


Coalesce, come together to form one mass or whole.

Flotsam, people or things that have been rejected and are regarded as worthless.

The Way of the Southern Mother

Comfort can be a blessing and a curse. We allow our most beloved to gain access to the deepest rooms in our hearts.

We can push our children to pass milestones or we can hold them back.

Locking them inside the most selfish rooms in our hearts.

We push and pull, allowing them just enough release, to think they can escape that threshold, then we yank them back “home.”

“You can be anything you want but you have to stay here with me, because I have given everything. Leaving my own waterfall dry. Now I expect something in return for my unrelenting gift of self-serving love.”

It is the way of the southern mother.

I want to shove my children through that threshold.

Go child, go!

Jog forward, because life is long and you must sustain.

You must sustain!

Educate, regulate, make goals, and find yourself.

Push forward, for that threshold is narrow, and you must squeeze through with the clothes on your back. And maybe a snack from mom.

I will not pull. I will not hold you back.

I will slam that door and allow myself to be empty in your absence. That burden is for me, and me alone, to bear.

I’ll always be here to call home…


Because when you have left and my waterfall has run dry, I may rebuild elsewhere.

No matter where my soul roams, my heart and my hearth will always welcome you home.

That is also, the way of the southern mother.


Song after song,
Calluses linger.
More on her heart,
Than on her fingers.

Summer or fall,
Winter or spring.
These are the words,
She will sing.

Sing to the forest,
Sway with the trees.
Heart is the chorus,
Soul is the breeze.